About Us

Halal Anywhere is an online platform that enables Muslim travelleres to enjoy their trip while maintaining their important and sacred lifestyle of eating 100% Halal food, at any destination they chose to travel to for vacation, business or visiting friends (Halal Travel).

There are more than 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide, and over 150 million Halal travellers annualy.

The main concern for Halal travellers is the food, as most of the resturants outside the IOC (Islamic Organization Congress) do not offer Halal food.

Halal Anywhere is here to solve this problem through high-end technology solution; www.HalalAnywhere.com , a platform that makes is easy to order or pre-order Halal food and have it delivered at any time, to any destination in the world. Halal Anywhere is a marketplace where all prime Halal food suppliers can register for free and offer their products to the Halal travellers who are looking to purchase fresh and 100% Halal food, so the keep enjoying their trips free of worries.

Food supply is a high standards work, we at Halal Anywhere understand that very well, that's why we had the best engineers working on the platform to gurantee a world-class product in terms of user-experience, security, stability and transperancy.

Halal Anywhere is making your life easier and helps muslims enjoy the world!