Posted on Dec 17, 2018 5:51:43 PM

      The Malaysian capital is known for its multicultural community, featuring Malay, Chinese and Indian residents. Tourists and immigrants flock to this majestic city from all over the world, resulting in vibrant festivities, an endless variety of delicious food, and blend of old Asian architecture with modern wonderment to satisfy all lucky enough to experience it.

     The beautiful airports, KLIA and KLIA2, allowing travellers from all over the world to connect, or stop by, are the first impression of beautiful architecture, food and culture Kuala Lumpur has to offer.

      While visiting there’s an endless abundance of sites to see. Whether your an architect buff, history buff or foodie, the views and flavors of this city are unparalleled. Check out the Petronas Towers, surrounded by a 10,000 square meter man made lake; Lake Symphony, providing a green oasis to the city. Or check out Bukit Nanas, standing at 421 M high, ranking as the world's 5th largest structure.

      For those who enjoy history and tradition more, journey over to Batu Caves, 11 Km north of the city, which hosts a 400-million- year old limestone hill, with an over 100 year old temple within!

      Breathtaking to say the least!

      Staying within the city limits boasts an abundance of fun and history as well. From seeing the Sultan Abdul Samad building, a distinguished landmark from the colonial British Administration, which today hosts the ministry of Information, Communications and Culture of Malaysia. Or enjoy a day at the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, which feature waterslides, a man made river, surfing beach, and a pirate ship! The excitement serves all visitors to the city.

      It’s no secret that Malaysian Cuisine is unique, exciting and the flavors diverse! Head over to Jalan Alor, considered the cultural heart of the city’s local cuisine. Or China town for some new and exciting meals. Take a stroll in the central market while enjoy some of the most interesting tastes you’ll ever experience. In order to not prevent yourself from trying this delicious food, while limiting yourself due to restriction, Halal Anywhere will not only satisfy your palate beyond imagination, but conveniently deliver it to your preferred destination for convenience and peace of mind ! The options are abundant, the flavors exciting, and the choices overwhelming! does all the footwork while you’re taking in the majestic mysteries this beautiful city has to offer!