Surprisingly Muslim Friendly Osaka, Japan

Posted by on Dec 14, 2018 11:52:38 AM

Today, Muslims are traveling more than ever. With a newfound appreciation for the beauty of Islam, more and more cultures are welcoming and opening their doors to the Muslim traveler.  This combination has caused an explosion of new and exciting cities to travel to. Japan hosts one of the worlds most intriguing cultures, history, and scenery. It’s natural beauty is unparalleled, food delectable, and people most of the politest in the world. Osaka is Japan's second largest city, and hosts some of the world’s most amazing attractions, from world class aquariums, exciting theme parks, to majestic temples, and wonderful natural beauty.

While Islam's role in history is quite brief and the Muslim population low, the Japanese government is striving to accomodate Muslims to travel and feel at ease. In Osaka, and around Japan, you can now find clearly marked rooms for prayer, many restaurants incorporating halal options into their menu, and the qibla clearly marked in many hotel rooms.

The beautiful port city of Osaka mixes modernity, with Japanese past beautifully. You

will lose your breath experiencing the majestic 16th-century shogunate Osaka Castle and old Shinto shrines, then spend your evening shopping in world class trendy malls neighbored with futuristic buildings.

This city caters to every travelers delight. Whether you’re into history, futuristic building, family fun themed parks, or nature and exploration, Osaka caters to your needs and satisfies everyone's expectations. With the Japanese new trend of welcoming and catering to Muslim travelers, it would be a shame not to indulge a bit. makes that experience even more amazing by giving you all the information about Halal food options at the palm of your hand! Feel like a king by selecting your meal and having it delivered right to your door, without having to waste time researching! We have found the best of the best, and it is all Halal!