Eating Halal in Kuala Lumpur

Halal food in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, a culturally dynamic city, boasting Islamic architecture with British colonial-era landmarks. A city with almost half of its people being Muslim and the second major religion as Buddhism. There is a wonderful blend of people, culture, and religion all living harmionosly together.

Its architecture and skyline gleams from the distance. A fusion of modern day wonderment with old Islamic grace, the Petronas Twin towers gleam over the city, holding record for the tallest buildings in the world. People from all over the world visit to enjoy the cutlture, history, food, shopping, architecture and lovely adventures. The Muslim traveller has abundant options to enjoy the distinctive food offered. has weened out the non-halal, offering you 100% halal option to enjoy right to your door! Don’t miss out on the great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Kuala Lumpur, without compromise.  




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Eating Halal in Paris

Halal food in Paris, France

Paris is not only the capital of France, but the capital of the world in terms of fashion and food in many respects. This city is a major destination for travellers from all over the world. With many people coming for a grand variety of reasons from tourism, food, fashion, history, architecture, romance, family vacations, the list is endless.

The city is known for its  trendy cafes and restaurants, setting the standard all over the world for expectation of quality. With  a growing Muslim population number of Muslim tourists is increasing as well. Therefore, the Halal food industry is more and more in demand. gives you the chance to explore the city, spend time with your travel companions, and most importantly; have access to the highest quality of food within the Halal expectations. Guaranteeing you an ease of eating amazing food without wondering of hidden ingredients that could spoil your Halal diet.

Eating Halal in Gothenburg

Halal food in Gothenburg, Sweden

Welcome to Gothenburg! Gothenburg is the largest non-capital in the Nordics and is situated off the Göta älv river on the country's beautiful west coast. The city is an important seaport and is known for its Dutch-style canals and leafy boulevards like the Avenyn which is lined with many cafes and shops.

Liseberg is a popular amusement park with themed rides, performance venues and a landscaped sculpture garden. Being the biggest amusement park in all of Scandinavia, with lots of different rides for all ages. Often, they also have concerts that cost you only the entrance to the park.

The very chilled-out Gothenburg has considerable appeal for tourists and locals alike. Neoclassical architecture lines its tram-rattled streets, locals can be found sunning themselves beside canals, and there's almost always an interesting cultural or social event going on somewhere in the city. Gothenburg is a very walkable city and quite easy to get around given its size. There is plenty to do and see from Gothenburg’s 17th-century canals, to the markets and museums, you will not get bored exploring this amazing city.

Being so busy with trying to take it all in the last thing you would want to do is have to worry about finding halal food to fit your needs. That's where comes in. We make it easy for you to find delicious halal meals without the hassle so you can enjoy your time in the city that much more!


Eating Halal in Stockholm

Halal food in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and is made up of 14 different islands, that all have something to offer, connected by more than 50 bridges on the Baltic Sea. This sea that is often carrying ferries and sightseeing boats that shuttle passengers between the islands.

Stockholm is the cultural, media, political, and economic centre of Sweden and is the second most prolific tech and start up hub in the world. The Swedes are known for being rather smart, but more importantly it means Stockholm attracts the most innovative people from all corners of the world. What meets them is this capital city rich in beauty and closeness to nature. It is common to see people stand up paddling through the rivers or enjoying their days in some of their many parks. Stockholm is in fact the only capital in the world with a national urban park. 

The city is rich in history too. The cobblestone streets and ochre-colored buildings of the old town Gamla Stan are home to the 13th-century Storkyrkan Cathedral and the Kungliga Slottet Royal Palace which both are true beauties that are worth a visit.

Stockholm's food scene is a rousing blend of culinary influences that is not something anyone should miss out on. Let add to your experience by guaranteeing a variety in Halal options that will surpass your expectations. 


Eating Halal in Beijing

Halal food in Beijing, China

Beijing is one of the most visited cities in the world! Every year millions of people come to visit the capital of China. With it being a lace that you can visit at any time of the year, there are hundreds of scenic spots and historical sites to visit no matter the season. It takes time to enjoy everything that Beijing has to offer but if you are there for a short time then the Forbidden City is an ancient capital city that was built between 1406 and 1420 and is a must visit. Tiananmen Square (the gate of Heavenly Peace) is where all the massive parades and rallies occur. It’s the largest square in the world.

Temple of Heaven is also a real highlight of Beijing. It’s been one of the most holy places for the whole country for more than five centuries. It’s used as a complex of sacrificial buildings for the Ming and Qing emperors and is the largest one in Beijing among several. If you go to the Temple of Heaven early in the morning, you can see people practicing kung fu, and taiji. Many others also entertain themselves with music, songs or playing cards that you as well can participate in.

With so many more places to visit like the largest royal garden in china, the Summer Palace and of course the famous Great Wall that’s 600 kilometers long!

With so many places to visit and so little time, don’t spend your time looking for halal food. Let us do that for you and your food will be delivered t you wherever you are only a click away.


Eating Halal in phuket

Halal food in phuket, Thailand

Phuket is an Island in the Andaman sea, the southern part of Thailand. It is known for its clear water, tropical environment amongst rainforests and mountains. Tourist come in by masses, to enjoy the weather, swim in the clear blue water, and explore the wonders this island has to offer. Due to its popularity, Phuket is rapidly developing, turning into one of the world’s major vacation spot.

Thailand is known for its exception flavor and fresh food, Phuket is no exception with its own flare, without having to break the bank. Let show you all the halal options, and have it delivered anywhere you’d like for your convenience. Allowing you to try some of the most dynamic food at your fingertips.




Eating Halal in Dubai

Halal food in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, is truly a one of a kind city. Built in less than 30 years, the city is blooming with one of a kind skyscrapers, the world’s most luxurious hotels and restaurants, and world-class shopping, enjoyed by foreign visitors from all over the world.  

Whether its the Borj Khalifa and the man-made Islands of the world, or business that brings you to Dubai, you will be left in awe with your breath taken away at the massive architecture and abundant activities Dubai has to offer. With more foreigners residing there than natives, Dubai has a plethora of international influence, in their everyday culture. Come for the food by the worlds best chefs, or food trucks eaten by people working in th streets, you will enjoy an awesome variety. has scoured out some of the best options in the halal dominant city. We have guaranteed you not just a halal experience, but luxury to your door, conveniently delivered at your request!



Eating Halal in Istanbul

Halal food in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is the capital of Turkey, a wonderment to the world where the East meets the Wests seamlessly. Where women fully dressed in traditional Islamic wear walk amongst women walking in the shortest of shorts. The history, culture and traditions are unparalleled in the world. Making it one of the most diverse and dynamic cities in the world.

Istanbul's strategic location made it a key role in history in reference to international trade. Every major empire, from the Greeks, Romans and British has taken advantage of its connection to the Asian continent for trade. Today, it’s a unique city, sitting in two continents, with two distinct cultures. Visitors enjoy the economical prices combined with world class luxury. Being predominantly Muslim and Christian, the religions live harmoniously together, setting the example for the rest of the world. Come experience the wonders Istanbul has to offer, without wasting time searching for accommodating food. has done the work, and guarantees a fully halal experience, while trying exquisite cuisine unmatched all throughout Europe and Asia!



Eating Halal in Cairo

Halal food in Cairo, Egypt

Cairo Egypt, one of the world’s oldest civilization. Home of the Great Pyramids, Sphynx, and the Nile River. It is one of the world’s most sought after destinations, with popularity for the history buff, the Arab music and film industry buff, and the resort vacationer. One of the most warmest people, Egypt offers a rich culture of music, history, food, and religion.

While visiting Cairo, enjoy a stroll on the nile, hookah in a little motor boat, or a world class concert from some of the worlds biggest singers, flock to the pyramids for a camel ride by day, or to the museum to witness some real preserved mummies that are thousands of years old, inches away from your fingertips! Enjoy the nightlife, one of the best in the Middle East. Being a dominantly muslim state, the abundance of halal meals are overwhelming. We will rate the best, give you the highest quality with variety, without concern for not eating halal. The convenience is unmatchable with quality and guarantee, nevermind it will come right to your door, so you won’t have to experience Cairos infamous traffic.



Eating Halal in Marseille

Halal food in Marseille, France

Grit and grandeur coexist seamlessly in Marseille, an exuberantly multicultural port city with a pedigree stretching back to classical Greece and a fair claim to the mantle of France's second city. Once seen as somewhat dirty and dangerous, and lacking the glamour of Cannes or St Tropez, this black sheep of the Provençal coastline has blossomed in cultural confidence since its 2013 stint as the European Capital of Culture. The addition of a brace of swanky new museums is just the outward sign of an optimism and self-belief that's almost palpable. Marseille's heart is the vibrant Vieux Port (old port), mast-to-mast with yachts and pleasure boats. Just uphill is the ancient Le Panier neighbourhood, the oldest section of the city. Also worth an explore is the République quarter, with its stylish boutiques and Haussmannian buildings, and the Joliette area, centred on Marseille’s totemic Cathédrale de Marseille Notre Dame de Major. 

30 to 40% of Marseille's population is Muslim, which makes Halal food offering available. You can always enjoy it through Halal Anywhere. We make it convenient  for you to order Halal delicious food at the click of a button.

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Eating Halal in Miami

Halal food in Miami, United States

To be considered an avid traveller, Miami must be on your destination list. With white beaches, crystal clear water, and perfect weather year round, you will never be bored. Its tall palm trees are as welcoming as the gleaming sun and dazzling music from all over. The Cuban influences gives you a unique culture fusion like nowhere else. Its charm, and inviting people make Miami a source for comfort and warmth to its visitors.

This destination caters to travellers of all walks of life. For those who enjoy luxury, glitz, glamour and five star resorts to those looking for a fun night life, beautiful scenes and an endless amount of clear skies. The international influences make Miami a unique destination, separating it from the entire Florida peninsula in culture, music, food, and history.

Muslim travellers from all walks of life have been flocking to this destination for years. Its weather, location and amenities makes it desirable to its visitors. While the Halal options starting to grow, is here to service our Muslim visitors. We work hard to guarantee you an amazing Halal meal, with options sure to satisfy all palates.


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Eating Halal in Montreal

Halal food in Montreal, Canada

Montreal is a blend of old European charm, with the conveniences of the western modern world. It encompasses both old French culture, with the emerging Canadienne modernism. One of Canadas most popular destinations, the city has so much to offer in terms of sites, universities, shopping, cultural events, and architecture. Its young yet rich history offers an enlighten twist to the typical North American city, by encompassing French as a main language, and offering the typical Canada hospitality to all its new arrivees. 

It is one of North Americas most diverse cities, with new immigrants coming in everyday. Their openness to diversity is evident through their acceptance of cultural inclusion from all over. As a result, a tourist can feel at ease and welcomed more than any other western major city. It is not surprising to see a Canadienne national with roots from Asia, Africa or the Middle East.

The food scene speaks for itself. You will find local dishes, such as Arctic char, Lobster, lamb cooked in so many flavors and spices, one can’t help but be overwhelmed with the options. mission is to seek out these exciting variations, assuring our customers an excellent food experience Halal. Taking out the wonder of hidden ingredients, or sticking to a fish only diet to assure Halal standards are met.


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