Eating Halal in Brussels

Halal food in Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is a key city in not only Belgium, but in Europe. Many consider it the capital of the European Union. It is the headquarters of such institutions as NATO, European commission and the European Parliament. It is a crossroads of cultures, between German, French and Dutch. Despite being the definition of a melting pot, it still maintains its own unique culture.

Brussels is a city that hosts many tourists of all backgrounds. People come for many reasons, to enjoy the history, the beautiful scenery or to for some serious shopping at the trendy Rue Antoine Dansaert.
Muslim travellers are no strangers to the tourist/business. Being a major banking and diplomatic hub, Muslims are traveling from all over for various reasons. The cafes, restaurants and over all food scene is just as thrilling as the beautiful architecture and parks Brussels has to offer. will assure you not to miss out on the best option Brussels has to offer. We aim to maintain your Halal restrictions, while enjoying the rich cuisine Brussels has to offer. Whether your into French food, Mediterranean or food of a Eastern flare, Brussels has it, and we have found the options that cater to all your taste buds needs, without compromising your beliefs.


Local Halal caterers & restaurants in Brussels