Eating Halal in Bucharest

Halal food in Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest is a young town, merely three years old, yet has an old soul. With underlying scars from the Soviet Union, the city has a lot to offer tourists in terms of sights, history and excitement. Buzzed as the new “Berlin”, tourists are coming in from all over the world to see what this new town has to offer. Catch an exciting bike tour through the city, or a walk in an old square, the views are breathtaking and the people are enthused to offer friendly advice.

Considering its budget friendly compared to its neighbors, it is an excellent scene to the young traveller, or economically mindful. Copying the popular trend in the USA, food trucks are taking over the food scene, in addition to sit in restaurants, trendy cafes, and fine dining. As a Muslim traveller, it is important to maintain Halal options without wasting time figuring out how to find an accommodating food option. Nevermind, the fear of missing out on the best options. does the leg work and gives you all the options in the palm of your hand, without the added stress.