Eating Halal in Detroit

Halal food in Detroit, United States

Detroit is dubbed, “Motor City’, due to its strong ties to the auto industry, companies such as GM. As a result, it is also famed for the art of Diego Rivera, who has painted world famed murals displayed at the neoclassical Detroit Institute of Arts. In addition to being known for its automobiles, Detroit is the birthplace to MoTown records, a recording studio that has produced some of the world’s top charting recordings.  

Despite the auto industry multi-billion dollar success, the city has experienced some of the United States most financial crisis. Being hit hard by the financial crash in in the first decade of the 2000’s, the city has worked harder to being part of the American dream. This city is also the home with the highest population of Muslims in North America. Having its university create the first Muslim Student Association decades ago, many Muslims flocked here from around the world. As a result, the travelling Muslim will find many options for Halal food, and proudly conveniences you by having it all available at the palm of your hand, delivered straight to your desired location, all with a click of a button.