Eating Halal in Istanbul

Halal food in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is the capital of Turkey, a wonderment to the world where the East meets the Wests seamlessly. Where women fully dressed in traditional Islamic wear walk amongst women walking in the shortest of shorts. The history, culture and traditions are unparalleled in the world. Making it one of the most diverse and dynamic cities in the world.

Istanbul's strategic location made it a key role in history in reference to international trade. Every major empire, from the Greeks, Romans and British has taken advantage of its connection to the Asian continent for trade. Today, it’s a unique city, sitting in two continents, with two distinct cultures. Visitors enjoy the economical prices combined with world class luxury. Being predominantly Muslim and Christian, the religions live harmoniously together, setting the example for the rest of the world. Come experience the wonders Istanbul has to offer, without wasting time searching for accommodating food. has done the work, and guarantees a fully halal experience, while trying exquisite cuisine unmatched all throughout Europe and Asia!