Eating Halal in Jakarta

Halal food in Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia, and also the center for the country’s economic, cultural and political climate. The standard of living in Jakarta is quite high, attracting migrants from all over the world. Additionally, tourists come for its great advantages in price and quality. It’s a diverse city with a wide range of ethnic groups, languages, and religions, with Islam as the dominant religion.

The transcendent food scene is exhislatating, giving your taste buds an uplifting boost. Never again will you see food the same after trying the plethora of dishes in Jakarta, from street food, to cafes and five-star restaurants, the options are endless. navigates these delicious decisions by conveniently allowing you to choose your 100% halal options based on reliable ratings, reviews and categories. You not only get to enjoy a fully halal meal, but do so in the comforts of your home, hotels or poolside.