Eating Halal in Moskva

Halal food in Moskva, Russia

Moscow is the capital and most populous city of Russia. It is a major political, economic, cultural, and scientific centre of Russia and Eastern Europe, as well as the largest city (both by population and by area) entirely on the European continent. By broader definitions Moscow is among the world's largest cities. 

Islam is the second most widely professed religion in Russia, encompassing somewhere between 7% and 15% of all Russians. Recognized under the law and by Russian political leaders as one of Russia's traditional religions, Islam is a part of Russian Historical Heritage, and is subsidized by the Russian government. Various surveys indicate that Russian Muslims constitute somewhere between 7% and 15% of the Russian population which make Halal food very diversified. Halal restaurants in Moscow offer Mediterranean food, as well as European and even Asian types of food- all made according to the Islamic Shari'a.

With Halal Anywhere, we allow the millions of Muslim travelers who visit Moscow annually to enjoy this great city and continue with their Muslim lifestyle.