Eating Halal in Ottawa

Halal food in Ottawa, Canada

One of the most welcoming cities, with a culture of openness and welcomeness you do not find in the west, Ottawa, the capital Canada is unparalleled with any of its neighboring provinces. With the lowest unemployment rates in Canada, and the highest standard of living  as well, its a wonder to visit.

Ottawa hosts some of the biggest festivals in the world, such as winterlude, Jazz Fest, Folk Music festival and many more. In addition to its trendy streets filled with boutiques, cafes, museums, it hosts some of the worlds best Universities. Allowing the travel to awe in amazement of its cultural structure. A true melting pot of cultures, religions, languages, foods and so much more, Ottawa is a wonderful city welcoming of Muslim travellers. As a result, has researched the best Halal options, allowing you to enjoy the wonder that Ottawa has to offer, without breaking your Halal diet!  

Local Halal caterers & restaurants in Ottawa