Eating Halal in Providence

Halal food in Providence, United States

Providence Rhode Island is one of America’s oldest cities. You will undoubtedly be impressed with many preserved old buildings and old streets from colonial times. With one of America’s oldest skylines, it’s always a reminder of what America’s history has endured to get to where it is today. Every corner you look, history surprises you with beautiful street art, little shops with unique finds, and the trendiest cafes around.

Rhode Island being the smallest state in the USA, day trips around Providence take less than an hour. You will see some of the oldest and biggest mansions in Newport, visit the Roger Williams zoo with a botanical garden, or attend Providence’s water fire attraction.Muslims have migrated to this amazing city for many years from all over. Due to its amazing infrastructure, open people, and some of the world's best Universities including Brown, it’s surely a place to call home.  AS a result, the Muslim traveller will feel welcomed, and most importantly, an availability of Halal food options. has done the legwork, assuring you a fully halal meal, conveniently found on your phone, and delivered to your desired destination with a few clicks!