Eating Halal in Sevilla

Halal food in Sevilla, Spain

Seville, Andalusia’s capital is a city rich with Moorish heritage. This is visible in everything from the colourful painted tiles that adorn many buildings, to the lobed arches of the palaces and of course the iconic Giralda tower, which was once a minaret. Three of the things most associated with Spain are also typically Sevillian: Flamenco, tapas and toros! Come in spring, when the aroma of jasmine and orange blossom carries on the breeze, and you can dive into the magic of the annual festival of the Sevillians: the Feria de Abril.

A recent demographic study from the Union of Islamic Communities of Spain indicates that there are nearly two million Muslims in Spain, with 28,000 Muslims residing in the province of Seville. There are quite a few Halal dining options and Halal restaurants and you can as well enjoy Halal food in Seville through Halal Anywhere.

Local Halal caterers & restaurants in Sevilla